14 thoughts on “Keep walking

  1. Amazing shot, I’ve been to Tokyo many times and this just captures the feeling of a night on the town in Tokyo. Do you do your colour development yourself? I’m having a Pentax 645NII medium format but use black and white as it is easier to process myself.

  2. Are you using a tripod? I took my Mamiya C330 out in Yokohama the other day, in the evening. I got a new light meter so everything was exposed well, but I hadn’t really accounted for the weight and ergonomics of a TLR compared to an SLR – I couldn’t get away with handheld shutter speeds I am used to with my Nikon FM2….

    Anyway, this is beautiful….

    1. Hi Bobby,
      Thanks for the comments :-)
      No, I don’t use a tripod for all my street Medium format stuff. It’s all hand held. Assume all the MF stuff is hand held unless you find 30 second exposures :-)

  3. Hey, Sean. My name is Vitor, I’m a publishing student from Brazil. Your work is fantastic. In my university we have a project that intend to help new writers with their first publication. I’m editing a book called “The sin of sadness” and I thought this picture would be amazing as the cover of the book. Could you please contact me? I’d be very happy if you could allow me to use your fantastic work. My e-mail address is vitordonofrio@hotmail.com. Thank you very much and congratulations! 

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